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HireLittlePeople.com presents: CRIBS... Midget Style!
Watch Chuck Love show off his crib.



Cooking With Skinny And Mini (Trailer)




Informational Links

LITTLE PEOPLE OF AMERICA (LPA) Is the premier nonprofit organization providing support and information to Little People

DWARFISM.ORG Intended as a worldwide source of information on dwarfism and on organizations involved with dwarfism.

Help and resources for one of the most common forms of dwarfism.

Client Links

BAM-MARKETING LLC  Specialty advertising, web design, screen printing

COVINO & RICH - SIRIUS CHANNEL 108  The best thing to happen to men since women. (Sirius Channel 108)

PRESTON AND STEVE  Philly's funniest morning guys.

BING BONG TABLES  The official portable game table for beer pong or Beruit.